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Lake Ray Roberts

Fishing Guide

Tim Wike

Sand Bass fishing trips

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Guide, Tim Wike, provides 5 hour White Bass (Sand Bass) fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts. Tim supplies everything you need to catch fish and will fillet and bag your fish after the fishing trip.

Ian and Fernando on July 2nd

Johnny, LA, Raymond, Waymon, Sunday and Gerald on May 28th

Ray, Mia and Corey on May 27th

Lauren, Andrea and Jason on May 25th

Tom and Luke on May 17th

John, John and Tom on May 15th

Terry, Jared, and Travis on May 14th

Monte, Ian, Parker and Mark on May 13th

Antoine, Johnny, Aspie and Antonio on May 12th

Dennis, Fran, Bob and Carol on May 11th

Sophie, May, Paul and Jacob on May 8th

Omar, Maheeb, and Tesh on May 7th

Ginger, Garth, Rocky and Steve on May 4th

Thomas, John and DeAnne on May 1st

Kirk, Chase and Alec on April 30th

Gordan, Joe and Bob on April 28th

Kendall, Jim and Robert on April 27th

Bergen, Brynn, Shawna and Mike on April 16th

Graham, Sophia, Isabella, Anderson and Jonathon

on April 15th

John and Dan on April 9th

AJ, Hannah and Brooks on April 2nd

Ashley, Rosy and Michael on April 1st

Daniel, Hudson, Nash and Tim on March 27th

Michael and Rachael March 26th

Matt, Cannon, Kyle, Jillian and Cade on March 25th

Mel, Merrick, Jaden and Mahalia on March 20th

Jesse, Jesse, Aaron, Amy, Adrian, and Ava March 10th

Steve, Vanessa and John on March 2nd

J.D. brought his Dad for a birthday trip on February 1st

Brooks and Alden on January29th

Lynn, Dustin, Sophia and Elizabeth on December 31st

Joe, Samuel and Dustin on December 30th

Houston and Kara on December 23rd

Allan and Gilbert on December 14th

Sugata, Subhra and Koushik on December 9th

Omar's group on December 4th

Katherine and George on December 3rd

Joe and Bob on December 1st

Kelli, Grayson, Kevin, and Travis on November 26th

Avi, Stefanie, Jami, Corey, Andy and Maddie Nov 22

Hunter, Hank and Jim on November 20th

Max, Alyssa, Lex and Sang on November 13th

Brett on November 11th

Travis, Darian, Colton, Matt and Devin on Nov. 6th

Kyle, Grady and Jim on October 31st

Mike and M.J. on October 30th

Mike and Rick on October 26th

Emory, Vinita, Jesus and Connor on October 23rd

Nathan, Steve, Dan and Jim on October 22nd

Hudson and Brian on October 16th

Oscar and George on October 7th

Oscar and Payton on October 4th

Will, Viviana, and Todd on October 3rd

Tim's office is a Ranger Reata 1850 RS

Call or email me now to book a trip


I supply everything needed to catch fish


Family Fishing trips

Kids fish free!!!!

Call: 940.368.2712ecell 940-368-2712


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