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Lake Ray Roberts

Fishing Guide

Tim Wike

Reelin Ray Roberts Guide Service



December 6, 2023

Lake Ray Roberts White Bass Fishing Report

Lake Ray Roberts is 1.5 feet below normal level. Water temperature is 57  degrees on the main lake. Fishing is very good and will only get better with the cooler Fall weather. Sand bass are in the the Early Fall pattern of feeding on deep structure. We are catching them deep jigging.

Julio and Nick on December 6th

Ed and Hayden on November 24th

Seth and Chip on November 22nd

Chuck and Bridget on November 20th

Ronnie, August and Shannon on Novemebr 19th

Mark, Bruce, Dan and Joe on November 18th

Kent, Ed and Jerry on November 16th

Donna and Beverly on November 8th

Ben, Brett, and Emmett on November 7th

Nathan, Bill, Don, David and Nathan on November 5th

Bernard, Mike, Roman and Matt on October 22nd

Dan and Joe on October 21st

Bart, Jax, Hadly, Cowen and Brook on October 14th

James , Ashley, Chris and Jeff on October 9th

Gideon, Gabe, Graham and Eric on October 8th

Jeff, Dale and Robert on October 7th

Carter, Mike, Jacob and Andrew on September 23rd

Pete, Chris and Harrison on September 18th

Gina, Collin and Will on September 16th

Collin and Emerson on September 2nd

Ron, Lisa, Pam and Jim on August 31st


Emma and David on August 13th

Kim, Max, Dane and Mike on August 12th

Lonnie, John, Kim and Tom on August 6th

Eric, Al, Andrew and Nathan on August 5th

Dan, Dayton and Jeremy on July 31st

Jason, Drake and Ronnie on July 28th

Jace, Don and Riley on Jul;y 26th

Brody, Brady, Kam, Cali and Alli on July 25th

Bailee and Glen on July 23rd

Dan, Joe, and Jim on July 22nd

Filipe, Harper and Danny on July 20th

Colton, Kellen, Terry and Steven on July 17th

Mike, Wally and Chris on July 14th

Jim, Chad and Sherri on May 31st

Jonathon, Carlos and John on May 28th

Richard, Pat, Larry andJeff on May 26th

Rob, Ferris, Tom and Henry on May 25th

Matt and Jim on May 19th

Rodney, Keegan, Benjamin, Jim and Patrick on May 18th

David, Wayne and Mike on May 17th

Jerry and Chris on May 12th

Eric, Ricky and Justin On May 7th

Jesus, Anthony, Rick, Gabe, Mike Orlando on May 6th

William and Friends on May 2nd

Pam, Cindy and Jo on April 15th

Justin, Melissa, Easton and Caden on April 13th

Selim and friends on April 12th

Anthony, Daniel, Tim, Nataliya and David on April 10th

Gavin, Cladia and Aaron on April 8th

Anderson, Isabella, Jonathon and Sophia on April 7th

Bob, Carol and Gordon on April 3rd

Troy, Randy and Logan on April 2nd

Molly and Cody on April 1st

Richard, Carlos, Cody and Mike on March 25th

David, Stuart and Harper on March 15th

Tanya, Sammy, James and Joe on March 14th

Griffin, Amy, Alan, Cooper, Jesse and Aaron on March 7th

Mary Anne and John on March 6th

Zachary, Mom, Sean and Bill on December 30th

Dan caught this monster today while jigging for sand bass December 17th

Steve, Cannon, Dan and Jim on December 17th

ED and Phillip on December 14th

Al, Jeremy, Bryan and Dennis on December 4th

Bryan, Carrie, Landon and Bill on December 1st

Steve, Matt and Alan on November 13th

Bella, Ashley, Jo Jo and Joseph on November 9th

Michael, Luke, Mollie and Damon on November 5th

Selim and Mazin on November 2nd

Bryan, Carrie and Josh on October 31st

Merlin, Erica, Skyler and David on October 30th

Bob, Jim, Marty and Doug on October 17th

Suzi, Jose amd Jose on October 15th

Andy and Shawna on October 10th

Robert, Jeff and Dale on October 8th

Thomas, Connor and Stan on October 7th

Dale and Shawn on October 6th

Russell and Robert on October 5th

Mary Anne and Joshua on October 4th

Dee, Kate and Brent on October 2nd

Garren and Rick on October 1st

Bryan and Carrie on September 28th

Dan, Kim, Phuong and Hung on September 26th

Tony, Johnny, Drake and Ross on September 25th

Kevvy, Victor and Noel on September 24th

Wes, Kyle, Deacon, Jeanette, Steve and Timber on September 20th

Ben, Owen, Reylee, Jeanette and Steve on September 19th

Jason, Jeff and Harold on September 18th

Andrew, Joe, Josh, Wade and John on September 17th

Benny, Bradley, Ben and Luke on Septemnber 5th

Debbie, Gabby, Jo Jo and Matt on September 4th

Michael and Donna on September 3rd

Richard, Rick, Dan and Bruce on August 29th

Wanlin, Birong and Will on August 27th

Courtney on August 25th

Mario on August 20th

Steve, Cannon, Dan and Jonathon on August 13th

Riley, Phillip and Reagan on August 11th

Melissa and Kaedon on Auguast 10th

Paul and Cameron on August 8th

Kent and Jerry on August 7th

Brian, Caden, Barry, Andrew and Travis on August 6th

Patrick, Carter, Gene and Tim onAugust 4th

Kenzie, George, Wyatt and Natasha on August 3rd

Tracy, Jeff, Jerome and Benny on July 29th

Rex and Miller on July 28th

Art, John, Nolan and Ben on July 24th

Telvin, Elijah and derrick on July 23rd

Ken and Jerry on July 19th

David, Gonso, Dan, Jeremy and Dayton on July 11th

Hank, Christian and Cory on July 8th

Chris, Angel and Jace on July 7th

Ian and Fernando on July 2nd

Johnny, LA, Raymond, Waymon, Sunday and Gerald on May 28th

Ray, Mia and Corey on May 27th

Lauren, Andrea and Jason on May 25th

Tom and Luke on May 17th

John, John and Tom on May 15th

Terry, Jared, and Travis on May 14th

Monte, Ian, Parker and Mark on May 13th

Antoine, Johnny, Aspie and Antonio on May 12th

Dennis, Fran, Baob and Carol on May 11th

Sophi, May, Paul and Jacob on May 8th

Omar, Maheeb, and Tesh on May 7th

Ginger, Garth, Rocky and Steve on May 4th

Thomas, John and DeAnne on May 1st

Kirk, Chase and Alec on April 19th

Gordon, Joe and Bob on April 28th

Kendall, Jim and Robert on April 27th

Bergen, Brynn, Shawna and Mike on April 16th

Graham, Sophia, Isabella, Anderson and Jonathon On April 15th

John and Dan On April 9th

AJ, Hannah and Brooks on April 2nd

Ashley, Rosy, and Michael on April 1st

Daneil, Hudsion, Nash and Tim on March 27th

Michael and Rachael March 26th

Matt, Cannon, Kyle Jillian and Cade on March 25th

Mel, Merrick, Jaden and Mahalia on March 20th

Jesse, Jesse, Aaron, Amy, Adrian and Ava on March 10th

Steve, Vanessa and John on March 2nd

J.D. brought his Dad for a birthday trip February 1st

Brooks and Alden on January 29th

Lynn, Dustin, Sophia and Elizabeth on December 31st

Joe, Samuel and Dustin on December 30th

Houston and Kara on December 23rd

Allan and Gilbert on December 14th

Sugata, Subhra and Koushik on December 9th

Omar's group on December 4th

Katherine and George on December 3rd

Joe and Bob on December 1st

Kelli, Grayson, Kevin and Travis on November 26th

Avi, Stefanie, Jami, Corey, Andy and Maddie on November 22nd

Hunter, Hank and Jim on November 20th

Max, Alyssa, Lex and Sang on November 13th

Brett on November 11th

Travis, Darian, Colton, Matt and Devin on November 6th

Kyle, Grady and jim on October 31st

Mike and M.J. on October 30th

Mike and Rick on October 26th

Emory, Vinita, Jesus and Connor on October 23rd

Nathan, Steve, Dan and Jim on October 22nd

Hudson and Brian on October 16th

Oscar and George on October 7th

Oscar and Payton on October 4th

Will, Viviana and Todd on October 3rd

Craig, Case and Grace on September 26th

Harold and Jeremy on September 25th

Nick, Thomas and Jacob on September 19th

Gene, Mason, Erin and Morgan on September 18th

Andy, Steve and Bob on September 12th

Hannah, Mike and Michael on September 11th

Shane and Kerri on September 10th


Mike, Rick and Ben on September 9th

David and Andrea on August 28th

Sue and Casey on August 27th

Julian, Jesse and Julian on August 22nd

Cole, Michael, Dan, Richard and Levi on August 14th

Jason, Paige and Jacob on August 12th

Jackie and Keith on August 11th

Sandra, Steve and Hunter on August 9th

Will, Steve and Emily on August 4th

Jason and Cooper on August 1st

Cathy and Ronnie on July 28th

Dan, Dayton and Jeremy on July 26th

Tesh, Maheeb and Omar on July 25th

George and Eric on July 24th

Antoine, Aspie and Antonio on July 23drd

Mike and Montana on July 22ND

Jim, Steve, Dan and Steve on July 17th

Karen, Chris and Caleb on July 16th

Harold and Ken on July 12th

Bryson and Rick on July 10th

Caden, Robert and Brendon on July 9th




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