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Lake Ray Roberts

Fishing Guide

Tim Wike

Sand Bass fishing trips

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Guide, Tim Wike, provides 5 hour White Bass (Sand Bass) fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts. Tim supplies everything you need to catch fish and will fillet and bag your fish after the fishing trip.

Don, Dale, Richard and Tom on April 12th

Tim, Brock and Danny on April 8th

Ben, Matt and Harper on April 7th

Jordan, Wyatt and Cliff on March 30th

Dan, Brian, Rick and Jim on March 28th

Carrie, Daniel, Cade, Ed and Tara on March 23rd

Jonathon, Biju and James on March 11th

Al, David, Bryan and Peter on March 6th

Daniel and Brandon on February 24th

Ace and David on January 7th

James, Collin, Chris and Brandon on December 31st

Blake and Joey on December 29th

Thomas, Cameron and David on December 23rd

Mathew, Ann, Smitha and Randy on Dec 17th

Katherine, George and Devin on December 13th

Wally, Andy and Mike on December 11th

Julio and Nick on December 6th

Ed and Hayden on November 24th

Seth and Chip on November 22nd

Chuck and Bridget on November 20th

Ronnie, August and Shannon on November 19th

Mark, Bruce, Dan and Joe on November 18th

Kent, Ed and Jerry on November 16th

Donna and Beverly on November 8th

Ben, Brett and Emmett on November 7th

Nathan, Bill, Don, David and Christian Nov. 5th

Bernard, Mike, Roman and Matt on October 22nd

Dan and Joe on October 21st

Bart, Jax, Hadly, Cowen and Brooke on October 14th

James, Ashley, Chris and Jeff on October 9th

Gideon, Gabe, Graham and Eric on October 8th

Jeff, Dale and Robert on October 7th

Carter, Mike, Jacob and Andrew on September 23rd

Pete, Chris and Harrison on September 18th

Gina, Collin and Will on September 16th

Collin and Emerson on September 2nd

Ron, Lisa, Pam and Jim on August 31st

Emma and David on August 13th

Kim, Max, Dane and Mike on August 12th

Lonnie, John, Kim and Tom on August 6th

Eric, Al, Andrew and Nathan on August 5th

Dan, Dayton and Jeremy on July 31st

Jason, Drake and Ronnie on July 28th

Jace, Don and Riley on July 26th

Brody, Brady, Kam, Cali and Alli on July 25th

Bailee and Glen on July 23rd

Dan, Joe and Jim on July 22nd

Felipe, Harper and Danny on July 20th

Colton, Kellen, Terry and Steven on July 17th

Mike, Wally and Chris on July 14th

Jim, Chad and Sherri on May 31st

Jonathan, Carlos and John on May 28th

Rick, James, Steve and Dan on May 27th

Richard, Pat, Larry and Jeff on May 26th

Rob, Ferris, Tom and Henry on May 25th

Matt and Jim on May 19th

Rodney, Keegan, Benjamin, Jim and Patrick on May 18th

David, Wayne and Mike on May 17th

Jerry and Chris on May 12th

Eric, Ricky and Justin on May 7th

Jesus, Anthony, Rick, Gabe, Mike and Orlando on May 6th

William and friends on May 2nd

Pam, Cindy and Jo on April 15th

Justin, Melissa, Easton and Caden on April 13th

Selim and friends on April 12th

Anthony, Daniel, Tim, Nataliya and David April 10th

Gavin, Claudia and Aaron on April 8th

Anderson, Isabella, Jonathon and Sophia on April 7th

Bob, Carol and Gordon on April 3rd

Troy, Randy and Logan on April 2nd

Molly and Cody on April 1st

Richard, Carlos, Cody and Mike on March 25th

Tim's office is a Ranger Reata 1850 RS

Call or email me now to book a trip


I supply everything needed to catch fish


Family Fishing trips

Kids fish free!!!!

Call: 940.368.2712ecell 940-368-2712


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